Small Scale Honey Process Line

0.5T/Day Simple Process Line

Electric Heating Honeycomb Uncapping

  • Affordability:  affordable compared to automated or electric alternatives.
  • Portability: lightweight and portable.
  • Suitable for small-scale beekeeping operations or remote locations where power might be limited.

Uncapping Tank

1.It has strainer, legs and honey gate underneath.

2.It’s used for hanging frames in the tray after uncapping.

3.There is a handle on the stainer for lifting easily. 

24 Frames Electric Honey Extractor

1.Material: 201 and 304 stainless steel. Food grade.

2.It’s easy for honey extraction. 

3.No harm to the wax comb and can be used repeatedly.

Wax Press

It’s a simple and economic way to get honey from your cappings.  Easy to clean.

It’s widely used for fruits,drinks and other fields.

filtering and concentrating machine

Honey Filtering Machine

1.Our honey filtering machine has the function of mixing with warmer, filtering honey.

2.Honey is heated evenly, melting crystalline honey and increase honey fluidity, mixing speed adjusted, honey are fully mixed. Mesh filtering, removing other substance from honey.

3.Material: 304SS

4.Voltage: 220V/110V/230V
honey convey pump

Honey Conveying Pump


2.Power :1.5KW   Voltage:380V

3.Discharge gate dia:38mm Feeding gate dia: 38mm


Honey Tank

Its main function is storage honey, defoaming the bubbles.

1.Material: 304SS


3.Power: 1.5kw/380V

Bottle Washing Machine

1.Bottle holder:24pcs(can be customized)

2.Working pressure:0.2-0.4mpa

3.Bottle dia:30-90mm Bottle height: 100-350mm

4.Capacity:1800 bottle/h

Drying Machine

3.Grid layer:10 layers
4.Grid spacing:11cm

Honey Filling Machine

1.Reasonable design, compact vertical structure.

2.Filling volume and speed can be adjusted.

3.Filling valve is controlled by a solenoid valve, high accuracy.

4.Material contact part is made of 304SS. 316SS can be customized.

Semi-Automatic Capping Machine

Its main function is to lock cap.


2.Applicable lid range:φ10-50

3.Applicable bottle height:40-200mm

4.Capacity:20-40 times/min

Aluminium Foil Sealing Machine

Its main purpose to seal the aluminium foil lid.


2.Handheld. Forced fan cooling

3.Sealing dia:φ20-φ60 mm

4. Size:340*290*130 cm

Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine

1.Speed:20-50pcs/min, 25-50times/min,

2.Material roll: Inner dia≥75 outer dia≤250mm,

3.Label specification:W10-120mm,L10-80mm,

4.Bottle width:10-120mm 220V/110V, 50/60HZ,/120W

Inkjet Printer



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