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Who we are

We represent Multi-sweet Group, a prominent provider of beekeeping solutions in China. Established in 2003, Except the honey processing line and machine, our services also include beekeeping, equipment development, and bee product processing. With extensive experience in exporting to over 100 countries worldwide, our products have been well received across North America, Oceania, Asia, Europe, and Africa, making us an ideal choice for resellers and personal buyers alike.

Multi-sweet group located in Changge City, Henan Province, known as “China bee products base” and “China beekeeping equipment town” Multi-sweet Group operates with the vision of providing the best beekeeping solutions, making people healthier with bee products, and serving beekeeping to benefit people. Our culture is centered around integrity, partnership, and win-win development, and we strive to create a startup platform that delivers value to our customers and happiness to our employees.

As a manufacturer and supplier of beekeeping equipment and honey processing plants, Multi-sweet Group is dedicated to providing top-notch design and production services for domestic and foreign users. We have an advanced expertise in honey processing machine technology and apiculture, enabling us to offer comprehensive services and consultations to our clients. Our commitment to utilizing state-of-the-art technology ensures that our clients receive high-quality products and services that meet their unique needs.

Our Support

Multi-sweet commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our two-year warranty and free technical support and lifetime service for any issues arising from your purchase. As a direct factory, we also offer OEM and ODM services

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    Development history of multi-sweet group

    • 2023

      Henan Multi-sweet Industrial Group has become a group member unit of China Bee Products Association.

    • 2022

      Henan Multi-sweet Beekeeping Technology Co., Ltd. is proposed to be recognized as a "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprise and a high-tech, high-growth, high-value-added cultivation library enterprise in Zhengzhou city.

    • 2021

      Henan Multi-sweet Beekeeping Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

    • 2020

      Xuchang Multi-sweet Bee Breeding Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group company, passed the inspection and acceptance of the Henan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and was rated as the only provincial-level Western Bee Breeding Farm in Henan Province.

    • 2019

      Development Strategy of "market-centered and customer-focused" established, and strive to reach the very bottom of the field.

    • 2018

      The development mode of a one-stop apiculture chain including beekeeping, equipment R&D, production, logistics, sales and consulting services has seen its embryonic form. The production equipment of honey extractor upgraded again, production by digital control achieved. Joint ventures of Fengbao Bee Products and Weiliya Machinery Plant established.
    • 2017

      Beekeeping R&D started. The number of cross-border e-commerce platforms increased to 5.
    • 2016

      Honey extractor production line doubled. Beehive and bee frame production standardized. E-commerce logistic park established.
    • 2015

      Top 3 in the industry of beekeeping equipment in China, wooden ware factory established as a joint venture.
    • 2014

      Honey extractor production equipment upgraded, becoming the first manufacturer of seamless honey extractor in China. Plastic and hardware factory up and running.

    • 2013

      Foreign trade team growing rapidly, three cross-border e-commerce platforms built.

    • 2012

      Import & Export Right obtained, domestic e-commerce platform built.

    • 2010-2011

      Foreign trade team formed, equipment in the workshop of bee products upgraded.

    • 2009

      Trade platform Alibaba introduced, cross-border e-commerce trade started.

    • 2003-2008

      Multi-sweet established, with the main business: domestic trade of bee products and beekeeping consultation services.

    Honey processing line

    Multi-sweet honey processing line is designed to streamline your honey production process and improve the quality of your final product. With advanced technology and automation, our honey processing line can handle all stages of honey processing, from filtering and heating to packaging and labeling. It also features advanced sensors and controls that ensure accurate temperature and viscosity control during processing. This leads to consistent, high-quality honey every time.

    In addition, our honey processing line is customizable to fit the specific needs of your business. Whether you need a small-scale processing line for a boutique honey operation or a large-scale line for a commercial enterprise, we can design and install the perfect solution for you.

    Our honey processing is equipped with high-quality stainless steel machinery that is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to corrosion.
    Our honey processing line is also highly efficient, capable of processing large volumes of honey quickly and with minimal waste. This means you can increase your production capacity and reduce your production costs, ultimately increasing your profitability.

    Beekeeping equipment

    Beeside the honey processing line and product, we also produce range includes seamless welding honey extractors, fully automatic production equipment for wooden ware, and a series of beekeeping equipment with independent property rights, including honey extractors, metal queen excluders, plastic foundation, and artistic beehives.

    (1) Beehive and frame.
    (2) Honey Extractor,
    (3) Beekeeping Tools,
    (4) Protective Clothing,
    (5) Honey & Wax Processing Machine,
    (6) Queen Rearing Supplies,
    (7) Beehive Making Machine,
    (8) Bee products. We do think our items and service will profit your business. Any interest, please contact us. We shall be glad to send the catalog and best quotation.Looking forward to hearing from you soon and having you as a customer both now and in the future.

    multi sweet honey extractor factory

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      Certification of multi-sweet group

      Multi-sweet group hold several licenses and certifications, including the customs license of foreign trade, national license of manufacturing industrial products, International Quality Management System of ISO9001, certification of HACCP, and certification of CE. reflecting our advanced production technology and management. With a focus on providing beekeeping solutions, Multi-sweet Group is committed to continued growth and development as a specialized company of bee products and beekeeping tools, with the aim of becoming a century enterprise and creating a famous brand.


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        Our servise:

        Pre-sales consultation:

        In case you encounter a challenge with honey processing plant or have a unique requirement, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The team of experts at Multi-sweet is always prepared to tackle even the most complex issues. We understand the importance of attentive listening and will pay close attention to your needs to provide customized solutions. We are highly confident in the superior quality of our products and can offer them at very competitive prices.

        multi-sweet team

        Sales Service:

        Express shipping

        We will take care of the package and make sure it is all good after you get them.
        We offer flexible shipping options, including express shipping and sea shipping, to accommodate your needs. Our team will assist in arranging the transportation method that best suits your requirements. . EMS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, and air shipping are all available.
        Sea shipping: We can help book vessels, declare customs, making docs so that you can get the goods smoothly at your sea port.

        Delivery time:

        For sample orders, we strive to deliver within 1 to 7 days upon receiving your payment.
        For small orders, the expected delivery time is generally around 10 days after payment has been received.
        For larger orders, the estimated delivery time is typically between 7 to 20 days after we receive your prepayment.
        Rest assured that we prioritize efficient order processing and will do our utmost to ensure timely shipment of your goods..


        We offer a secure payment system, include L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, Other, and handle transactions with utmost professionalism.


        At Multi-sweet, we believe in providing equipment that meets your exact expectations. To achieve this, we stage and test every piece of equipment on the honey processing line we design in our plant. This ensures that the equipment performs seamlessly when installed in your plant, minimizing any downtime during the installation process. We take pride in offering this unique application guarantee without any additional charges, as we are committed to delivering a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

        After-sales Service

          • Multi-sweet will continually provide you with after-sales technical support. We also offer a solid warranty on equipment, workmanship, performance, and service response time, our honey processing machine has a 2-year free warranty and lifetime service for any issues arising from your purchase.
          • Keeping in touch with clients to let clients know every detail during the transportation;
          • Offering technical support throughout the whole transaction;
          • Answering occurring questions during transactions positively.
            We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our equipment.

        We also understand that you may encounter an problem and require assistance. A friendly and courteous Customer Service Preventative is available for a prompt resolution.

        You may contact us at the following:


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          • 2013 Multi-sweet team participate in Ukraine Exhibition
          • 2015 Multi-sweet team participate in Korean Exhibition
          • 2016 Multi-sweet team participate in Saudi Arabia Exhibition
          • 2017 Multi-sweet team participate in World Beekeeping Congress in Turkey
          • 2018 Multi-sweet team participate in Exhibitions in Nigeria
          • 2018 Multi-sweet team participate in Exhibitions in Ethiopia
          • 2018 Multi-sweet team participate in Exhibitions in Indonesia
          • 2018 Multi-sweet team participate in Exhibitions in Tailand
          • 2019 Multi-sweet team participate in Exhibitions in America
          • 2019 Multi-sweet team participate in Exhibitions in Canana
          • 2019 Multi-sweet team participate in Exhibitions in United Arab Emirates
          • 2023, August Multi-sweet team participate in Chile exhibition, please look forward to……

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