Which Honey Extractor is Right for You

If you’re a beekeeper looking to extract honey from your honeycombs, a honey extractor is an indispensable piece of equipment. Designed to preserve the integrity of the comb while separating the honey, a honey extractor use centrifugal force to accomplish this work efficiently. The extractor comprises a spacious plastic or stainless steel drum, housing a […]

Step by Step Guide: How to Process Honey

Processing honey can be an exciting and rewarding experience for beekeepers. If you want to learn how to process honey, follow these simple steps to extract the sweet nectar from your beehives. And if you’re looking for an easier way to process honey, consider a honey processing machine to streamline the process. Step 1: Remove […]

Honey Harvest Equipment

When it comes to honey extraction, beekeepers rely on essential honey harvesting equipment. These tools ensure a smooth and efficient process, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your bees’ labor. Let’s take a closer look at some of the must-have equipment for honey harvest: Honey Extractor: A honey extractor is a powerful device that […]

What is a Honey Refractometer?

When it comes to beekeeping, honey is the primary product. However, before extracting honey, beekeepers need to be aware of a crucial factor: its water content. This is where honey refractometer comes into play, as they provide a reliable method for measuring water content and ensuring the quality of the honey. What is a Honey […]

Introducing the Honey Press

Are you a beekeeper looking to streamline your honey extraction process? Look no further than the remarkable honey press machines. In this article, we will explore the benefits and functionality of these devices, providing you with valuable insights into their use. What is a Honey Press? A honey press is a machine designed to extract […]

How to Make Creamed Honey

Creamed honey, also known as spun honey, churned honey, or whipped honey, is a type of natural honey that undergoes processing to control crystallization, resulting in a smooth, creamy texture. Unlike regular honey, creamed honey has distinct structural and physical characteristics that set it apart: Creamed honey has a pale white color, while regular honey has a […]

Starting a Honey Processing Plant

Beekeeping is an enjoyable hobby for many people, but if you’re looking to turn it into a profitable business, starting a honey processing plant might be the next step for you. Let’s get started! When embarking on your honey business journey, there are 4 important aspects to keep in mind: Providing Beehives for the Bees […]

How To Harvest Honey And Extract Honey

Harvesting honey and extracting it from the combs is a very important step in beekeeping. When the honey is still warm from the beehive, it flows more freely, making the extraction process much easier. How To Harvest Honey And Extract Honey To help you extract honey effectively using a honey extractor, follow these simple steps: Remove […]

Introducing the Beeswax Foundation Machine

Henan Multi-sweet Company is a producer of top-quality Beekeeping Equipment and supplies. With our extensive industry experience, we have produced and developed a range of Beeswax Foundation Machines for the needs of beekeepers worldwide. Our Beeswax Foundation Machines including the Manual Beeswax Foundation Machine, Electric Beeswax Foundation Machine, and Manual Beeswax Foundation Machine. Automatic Beeswax […]

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