Automatic Honey Process Line

2T/Day Full Automatic Process Line

Fully automatic honey processing line

Full Automatic Honeycomb Uncapping

It is easy to open the comb.
1. Production capacity: 200 pcs / hour
2. Cutting motor: 180w
3. Motor: 120w
4. Weight: 100kg
5. Size: 1700 * 950 * 1450mm

Uncapping Tank

1.It has strainer, legs and honey gate underneath.

2.It’s used for hanging frames in the tray after uncapping.

3.There is a handle on the stainer for lifting easily. 

24 Frames Electrical Honey Extractor

24 Frames Electric Honey Extractor

1. Material: Range hood barrel 201 and frame 304 stainless steel.

2. Food-grade materials are good for health.

3. Honey extraction is easy. Save time and labor.

4. It is harmless to wax comb and can be reused.

Wax Press

The machine is for squeeze and filter honey from honeycomb, beeswax dregs and propolis dregs. 

Type: Pneumatic type

2 ton honey concentrating machine

Mixing With Preheating,Filtering and Thickening Machine

Application: It has the function of mixing with warmer, pasteurization,filtering, and reduce moisture. 

1.Specifications: 2000*750*1700mm

2.Mixing tank 100L Concentrating tank 200L

3. Weight: 200KG

4. Capacity 0.5ton/8 hours.

Honey Conveying Pump


2.Power :1.5KW   Voltage:380V

3.Discharge gate dia:38mm Feeding gate dia: 38mm


Honey Tank

Its main function is storage honey, defoaming the bubbles.

1.Material: 304SS


3.Power: 1.5kw/380V

Bottle Unscrambler Machine

Our bottle unscrambler is variable speed machine that receives empty bottles in bulk, then orients, processes and put them onto a moving conveyor for next processing.

Bottle Washing Machine

1.Bottle holder:24pcs(can be customized)

2.Working pressure:0.2-0.4mpa

3.Bottle dia:30-90mm Bottle height: 100-350mm

4.Capacity:1800 bottle/h

Drying Machine

Application: Its main purpose to dry the bottle.

1.Specification: Temperature range: 0-260

2.Conveyor speed adjusted, 380V 50/60HZ, 5-10KW, 304SS chain board

3.Dry length:4meter

Two Nozzles Filling Machine

Application: Its main purpose to fill the honey into the bottle.

1.Specification: Filling range:100-1000ml (customized)

2.Material 316+304SS

3.PLC control

Light Inspection Machine

Application: Its main purpose to fill the honey into the bottle.

1.Specification: Filling range:100-1000ml (customized)

2.Material 316+304SS

3.PLC control

Capping Machine

Its main purpose to lid tightener.

1. 220V 50/60HZ

2. 0.75KW

3. Speed:30-60pcs/min

4. Match gas source:0.4-0.6MP

Aluminium Foil Sealing Machine

Its main purpose to seal the aluminium foil lid.

1Suitable for bottle lid 0-100mm

2.Speed 0-180 bottles/min

3.Output power 4000w Input voltage 220V Induction

4.frequency 60-80khz

Labeling Machine

Its main purpose to  label to the bottle.

1. 220V/50HZ 1.2kw

2. Bottle dia:30-100mm

3. Minus Label 30*30mm

4. Max Label: 150*300mm

Inkjet Printer


1.Printed content:Chinese, English, Arabic numerals, graphic logos, etc.

2.Printing format:Product batch number, number, count, Chinese and English, graphic, automatic continuous printing, delayed printing, positive, reverse,inverted printing, etc

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